The APP that will help you boost your CSR strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals in your organization in an innovative and fun way.

We make you get the best performance from your CSR investment

2030 Agenda

We turn the 2030 Agenda into a reality through our daily challenges. 

Measurable Impact

We provide a non-financial report for you to measure the impact of the CSR investments. 


We boost the motivation of the users and their learning through gamification.


We assure visibility for the social projects your company is involved in.

How does DoGood work?


Choose the challenges you want your users to complete based on your organization’s goals. We provide goals for every SDG.


All the challenges will be validated through pictures or observations that your users will post in a social and private timeline.


For every completed challenge, your users will receive points that may be used to donate to the charity projects the company is interested in.


For each donated point, your users will be placed in a social ranking and be able to win different prizes and earn recognition for their effort.

How do we measure your results?

We know how hard it is to obtain data for your annual sustainable report, which is why we make it easy for you by providing a non-financial report with every impact data of your selected challenges.

We adapt ourselves to your needs

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