Count on your employees to achieve your sustainability goals

DoGood is the SaaS platform to manage employee ESG impact

We improve your ESG metrics and your Non-Financial Information Reports

Providing a non-financial report with impact data of your sustainable actions: Liters of water saved, Kg of waste, C02, social competence, health and well-being …

How does DoGood work?

retos sostenibles dogood


Users perform challenges configurable by the company based on the organization’s non-financial reports and main standards, such as GRI. In addition, user, will be able to create their own challenges.

muro sostenibilidad dogood

Social wall

The challenges are published on a social and private wall in the APP and are validated by photos or reflections.

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For each completed challenge, users will receive points to donate or vote for charitable projects configurable by the company.

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For each point donated, your users will position themselves in the ranking and will be able to obtain prizes and recognition for their efforts.

We adapt to your needs according to the type of organization

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