We are a team driven by the purpose of creating a better world


Our CSR commitment

DoGood will donate 5% of its profits to “Baloncesto sin Rasgos”


 Ignacio Barriendos

Founder & CEO

Ignacio García


Francisco Martínez

CSR Consultant

Rubén Lousa


Mario Nevado

Backend Developer

María Meseguer

CSR Consultant

 Ruth Ballestín

UX/UI Designer

Rubén Romero

Frontend Developer

Philip Sauerwald

Project Manager

Estefanía Bitán

UX & Gamification Designer

Ángel Fuentes

Frontend Developer

Edgar Trías

Marketing Director

What problem does “Baloncesto sin Rasgos” solve?

For a long time, there has been a lack of inclusion of people with disabilities in sports, even though sports are the perfect scenario to offer opportunities for everyone.
“Baloncesto sin Rasgos” solves this problem by offering people with disabilities the chance to prove society their worthiness.

Purpose of “Baloncesto sin Rasgos”

“Baloncesto sin Rasgos” has been searching and accomplishing a social change wherever they go

for over 12 years thanks to their three key pillars:

Healthy leisure for people with disabilities

Education and work inclusion

Awareness for a more inclusive society

Chema González

Chema González is a professional basketball player, an example to follow regarding sports values and an embassador and promoter of “Baloncesto sin Rasgos”. With more than 10 years of experience and many championships won, such as the Spanish Professional League or the LEB-Gold play-offs, Chema actively engages with “Baloncesto sin Rasgos” helping the players with disabilities achieve their dreams.

Our commitment to the SDGs

At DoGood we work to offer a dynamic and fun solution that helps organizations transmit the values of the SDG to its employees.

We offer an innovative and accessible solution. Thanks to an all-digital environment we avoid any kind of waste production.

We have a strong social commitment by helping people with disabilities access sports and a Code of Good Practice to strengthen the inclusion of any type of person.

Our purpose is to be the reference tool for the fulfillment of each and every SDG on an individual and a corporative level.