Did you know that you can improve your ESG metrics through your employees? 

Challenges faced by the companies

 Agenda 2030 fullfilment

Only 22% of companies have established public, specific and measurable commitments in relation to any of the goals or targets of the 2030 Agenda.

Talent attraction and retention

9 out of 10 will trade money for meaningful jobs.

Lack of motivation and commitment

Talent needs a “why” and a “what for” at work. In its absence, 85% of the employees are not committed to their job, causing a disturbing productivity loss.


Obtaining certificates and seals

Companies wishing to demonstrate to the market that they are fulfilling their sustainable commitments are focusing their strategy on obtaining seals and certificates.

Investment raising

Financial profitability is not everything when it comes to attracting investors. ESG criteria used by investors and funds to justify their investments based on sustainability factors are becoming increasingly important.

Non Financial Reporting and standards

Companies with more than 250 employees in most cases have to report their sustainability activities and do not know how. Alignment with standards such as GRI or SASB is becoming increasingly important.

Obtaining results is now easier with DoGood


We turn the priorities of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive into tangible challenges.



We provide you with metrics to improve your NFRD in a tangible and intangible way.



We boost the appearance in sustainable indexes thanks to our actions.



We help you obtain certifications.



We ensure the visibility of the social projects in which the company participates.


Work Environment

We unite and strengthen the relationships between your employees.


Every effort deserves its compensation

In addition to providing the company with a non-financial report with data on the tangible and intangible impact of each of the challenges carried out: liters of water saved, kg of waste, C02, we provide the user with a report of their individual impact to complete their social CV.

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