Did you know that your sustainable habits can help you and your company?


What do you obtain with DoGood?


All your actions have an impact on people or on your environment, which can be negative or positive. We will help you to reduce your negative impact.


Your individual impact is important, but imagine if you combine it with all of your colleagues impact. It could be part of something bigger.


Certificado social

At the end of the program, if you have managed to complete at least 60% of the challenges, you will be rewarded with a social certificate that certifies your contribution to the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.



Would you like your company to reward you with an incentive or reward? Through DoGood there are incentives for the most committed participants.

Personal development

Through our challenges you will not only improve your impact, but your health, knowledge and social competence. Our softskills are important too!

Supports projects

You can use the points you have earned for completing sustainable challenges to support your favourite social projects.

With DoGood you will reduce your environmental impact


CO2 is the mainhuman origin greenhouse gas. It is usually measured in Kg.


Water is not an inexhaustible resource. A responsible use means more drinking water for everyone. 


Many of the generated waste is not biodegradable and pollutes our environment.


Recycling means giving our waste a second life. In this way we prevent them from polluting.


The energy that we use consumes natural resources and generates CO2. Measuring your consumption is taking care of the planet.

In addition, you will develop habits to improve your softskills


Taking care of our health is synonymous of well-being and happiness. It includes physical and mental health.


You can always learn something new. In addition, it enriches us at all levels.

Social competence

Social competence is our ability to develop healthy and satisfying relationships with others.

Do you know how does it work?

Complete all the challenges through the application and see how you contribute together with your colleagues so that your impact is as low as possible, both at home and in the office.